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Play the very feature-rich Poke Abby APK adult game to unlock the restricted stuff.
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If you enjoy playing games meant for adults, Poke Abby APK is one that you must try. Since it was originally made accessible to the general public in January 2021, millions of individuals have played this game. Third-party developers have made Poke Abby APK OBB & Poke Abby Android download accessible to Android users even though the original Poke Abby APK OBB & Poke Abby Android download is only available for Windows PC devices.

Adult-targeted video games were once viewed as being strictly prohibited, but in current times, you can find a variety of them online. Even though some players may become offended by these games, many players find fun in them.

What is Poke Abby APK?

The official Poke Abby game on PC platforms and mobile devices plays the same. You will assume the role of a ghost that keeps an eye on Abby, the game’s main heroine, as she explores the Potions Class while the other students are in the Great Hall. The whole game is set in Autumnhearth College, a facility solely dedicated to the instruction and advancement of magically talented individuals and their skills.

Screenshot of Poke Abby APK_Borrf.Com
Screenshot of Poke Abby APK_Borrf.Com

You are responsible for ensuring everyone goes where they are supposed to go since you are the sole ghost who haunts Autumnhearth College. To catch Abby in the act, you must head to the Potions Class, where you’ll be astonished to discover that you have unrestricted movement while she’s there. Abby also likes sensual stuff, so she adores it when you act wicked around her.

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Screenshot of Poke Abby APK_Borrf.Com
Screenshot of Poke Abby APK_Borrf.Com

Features of Poke Abby APK

An extremely pleasant and happy game with nice graphics. It can be played on every Android device that is imaginable. Because of its little size, it won’t tax the device’s capabilities. The player has the option to alter Abby’s look.

An Extremely Interesting Gameplay

When compared to other games of the same genre, the gameplay in Poke Abby is highly distinctive and not present in those other games. There is no learning involved because no skills must be learned to play this game. The rest of the information required to play is given by the game itself; all you need is a mouse for clicking. You’ll immediately realize how much you enjoy it if you give it just one try.

Screenshot of Poke Abby APK_Borrf.Com
Screenshot of Poke Abby APK_Borrf.Com

You must learn how to poke Abby properly from the start of your relationship with her if you want to make her fall in love with your touches. Likely, stroking her in certain parts won’t be effective; in that case, you’ll need to switch places to keep luring her. She would ask you to the front desk as soon as she realized she liked you so you could get to know her better.

Watch Over Abby

Abby requires your care and attention. Abby can be convinced by showing her kindness and affection. You will enjoy poking Abby a lot. Additionally, as Abby enjoys romantic situations and picture sessions, gamers may cheer her on and shower her with love.

Abby will allow you to do anything, including prod and stroke her body. You may also bring her to your hotel room at any moment to indulge your wildest fantasies.

Screenshot of Poke Abby APK_Borrf.Com
Screenshot of Poke Abby APK_Borrf.Com


Q1: Is It Possible To Download The IPA File For Poke Abby APK?

No, we already told you in the sentence above that the iOS version of Poke Abby is not yet available. The Android version of the game is a MOD APK, but the official game is only playable on Windows PC platforms. For Poke Abby for the iPhone, we are examining a variety of shops and developer websites.

Q2: Is Poke Abby APK safe to download?

Yes, it is completely secure and devoid of any harmful software or other things. Also, both downloading and playing it is free.


The Poke Abby apk game guide is something I hope you’ll like. Due to the pornographic and adult material, it is age-specific. However, it’s a great option for younger gamers thanks to interactive storylines, a fun setting, and distinctive incentives. To engage with other players and get accomplishments, explore various areas and locations in the game.

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