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What if a zombie apocalypse occurs right now? What would ensure your survival? You can survive a zombie apocalypse here if you so want. You can get the Extra Lives APK for Android for free.
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Extra Lives APK – What if the zombie apocalypse strikes today? What would keep you alive? If you choose, you can live through a zombie apocalypse here. You may get the free Extra Lives APK for Android, iOS, and PC from this page, which has infinite health and points with VIP unlocked. The modded version has limitless characters, money, ammunition, health, outfits, and no adverts. All pro features are also completely unlocked. Learn about well-known heroes, engage in combat in various settings, and eliminate zombies at your leisure.

In addition, the Extra Lives game boasts stunning 3D visuals and exciting settings similar to Kim Kardashian Hollywood Mod Apk. You will undoubtedly become engrossed in the game. To succeed, you must also survive at any cost. There are both humorous and terrifying moments throughout the entire game.

What are Extra Lives APK?

The developer of the extra lives game is McCdickies. Amazing game developer Mikie is the company’s proprietor. The business has published several top-ten adventure games on the Play Store. The most recent edition of Extra Lives APK Mdickie has received over 10 million downloads. Start engaging with the more than 200 characters dispersed throughout the eight opposing groups. who all have various viewpoints on the issue.

You will be helped to restore order by hundreds of interactive objects as you navigate more than 50 city corners. Thanks to the above-average gameplay mechanics from the Wrestling Revolution series, you’ve never had battle feel so rewarding! Even though the mobile game is free to play, you may “infinitely” improve your experience.

To design your globe, create a hero and save your adjustments to each of them. Even choosing how many zombies to start with and whether to build slowly or quickly is a choice. Additionally, you may kill zombies without any pressure by playing the unique “Deathmatch” mode!

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Screenshot of Extra Lives APK_Borrf.Com
Screenshot of Extra Lives APK_Borrf.Com

Features of Extra Lives APK

Many elements in the Extra Lives APK mod compel you to download and install it. You are invited to join us and read them if you would want further details on any of these aspects.

Multiple Characters

As part of the additional game life, players will also engage with a variety of characters. There are more than 200 distinct characters to pick from, and each one has certain qualities that provide variety to the plot. As you fully immerse yourself in the desired plot, you’ll also unlock entertaining games and interactions.

Extra Lives APK Free Costumes

There are several outfits available for the game’s characters. You must work to earn money to buy the outfits. When you have the Extra Lives APK, you may get all costumes for free. Play by donning a fresh outfit.

Screenshot of Extra Lives APK_Borrf.Com
Screenshot of Extra Lives APK_Borrf.Com

Simple Touch Control

For those who are interested, playing the game is simple and intuitive. You have to find a way out if you want to survive the zombie onslaught. Using the color buttons and your virtual opponents in the sandbox, you may attack, combo, and execute a variety of moves. Additionally, you can create plans for defeating your enemies.


Q1: Is this Extra Lives mod safe?

Yes, It’s safe!

Q2: Why can’t install this mod?

You need to uninstall the original one first.


In the Extra Lives APK, the player must navigate zombies to accomplish his objective while traveling. You will have several chances to defeat your adversaries during the game to get where you’re going. The fact that the game features 300 people handled in eight separate teams is only one of the numerous ways to captivate players.

The game also has a lot of modes, fifty different locales, and a few upgrades. These supplementary features are available to you while using the Extra Lives APK VIP Unlocked. What more do you require? If you want to feel the excitement of the game, you may easily install this game’s hacked version onto your smartphone.

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