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Today we will learn about “Top 5 AI Text-to-Video Websites Create Video With Just Text” This article will show you how to use the top AI video generators to produce professional-looking videos for your company.

Given that we live in a visual, digital world, video content has become crucial for luring customers and providing them with the information they need. This effectively and pleasantly affects the increase in sales. Therefore, we present the best websites for employing artificial intelligence to convert text to video without worrying about software video editing or needing a lot of production program expertise.

Artificial intelligence Top 5 AI Text-to-Video Websites

More than 90% of prospective customers say they would want to see more video material from brands and businesses before upgrading and buying items, according to many surveys.

Even though it is an efficient method of attracting and keeping clients while also ensuring their pleasure, the video content sector is one of the toughest tasks that poses a significant challenge for company owners and organizations.

Before you can create a suitable professional video clip that fits your brand, goods, and target audience, the video business may demand skilled and costly video editors, as well as pricey professional editing tools.

One of the most significant situations in which AI text-to-video software is crucial is this one. These tools are video creation software that produces polished, high-quality videos that give the impression that your life is much simpler.

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Benefits of AI text-to-video tools

The purpose of text-to-video conversion software is to assist you in producing expert videos based on artificial intelligence methods without the need for expensive equipment, tools, and software or hiring expert video editors, which helps you save a lot of money.

Since they are all web-based websites based on models trained on tens of thousands of movies, the way these tools operate is fairly intuitive.

To turn your post or topic into a video clip, all you need to do is add text that contains the textual content of your post or topic.

1- Synthesia

Top 5 AI Text-to-Video Websites Create Video With Just Text
Top 5 AI Text-to-Video Websites Create Video With Just Text

The website Synthesia is one of the greatest and most well-liked AI video generators, enabling you to quickly turn the content of your emails, blog posts, presentations, and PDFs into polished, high-quality films.

The website will take care of the rest; all you have to do is select the type of editable template and AI avatars, copy and paste, or enter the content, and the site will handle the rest.

You may select from more than 400 voices, up to 120 languages, 85 incarnations, and 55 templates while using Sites. All of this implies that hiring a special integrated editor is not necessary if you want to create videos that suit your tastes.

A broad selection of personalized avatars is available, and you may program them to interact with the lifelike animations of your text narration.

The site’s ability to customize and edit videos in a variety of ways is its best feature. You can write on videos, add images, animations, styles, icons, colors, and transitions; you can even change your brand assets, such as adding the company logo and changing the brand’s background color; and you can create videos for a variety of scenarios and use cases, including presentations and how-to guides, marketing content, explainer videos, and more.


Top 5 AI Text-to-Video Websites Create Video With Just Text
Top 5 AI Text-to-Video Websites Create Video With Just Text is the site for you if you’re seeking an AI text-to-video converter. It comes with one of the greatest tools for quickly turning speech into sounds.

You only need to copy the text or URL of your blog post or topic into the interface, and the website will expertly summarize its content, discover pertinent photos, and narrate it in a manner that closely resembles human voices.

More than 900 voices make up, which can translate text into more than 70 different languages and 100 distinct dialects.

The free music collection, interactive subtitles, and high-level summary are just a few of the site’s innovative new features.

3- I envy

Top 5 AI Text-to-Video Websites Create Video With Just Text
Top 5 AI Text-to-Video Websites Create Video With Just Text

I would be envious of a highly well-liked AI video generator in our industry that could quickly convert words into polished, high-quality films.

In only a few clicks, Invideo can transform your articles, blogs, themes, and demos into outstanding videos of the greatest caliber and professionalism.

One of its standout characteristics is that it offers a very straightforward and basic drag-and-drop graphical user interface.

More than 5,000 templates, several AI-supported themes, iStock media, YouTube visual content-specific filters, product and brand promotion movies, and diverse advertising videos are all available in the site library.

Additionally, it allows you to freely post your movies on a variety of social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and many more.

4- Hour One

Top 5 AI Text-to-Video Websites Create Video With Just Text
Top 5 AI Text-to-Video Websites Create Video With Just Text

One Opportunity Hour It is a clever text-to-video conversion choice for producing expert videos with human-sounding voices.

The websites provide more than 100 human voices from which you may freely select one to professionally deliver your material and explain it to the general audience.

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The website offers several pre-made templates that may be used for a variety of purposes, such as presentations, how-to manuals, tutorials, promotional films, and even news videos.

The website makes it possible for you to create high-quality videos quickly, affordably, and in more than 60 different languages.

But what makes Hour One special is that it allows you to use the tool without paying a dime so you can test the features firsthand and make sure you are truly spending your money where it should be.


Top 5 AI Text-to-Video Websites Create Video With Just Text
Top 5 AI Text-to-Video Websites Create Video With Just Text

Opportunity This website is excellent for translating text to video and producing high-quality videos without the need for pricey image tools, skilled content creators, or even a high-end studio. promises to translate your movies into more than 65 languages to increase the effect they have on viewers. Additionally, there are several brand-specific avatars available, or you may design your original brand logo.

Although is not entirely free, you may test the AI video-generating model before deciding whether or not to put your money there.

The website’s functionality is quite simple and does not require any level of technical ability; all you need to do is submit your text or blog material, and will take care of the rest, starting to produce a high-quality video that meets your preferences and is formatted as per your specifications.


You must consider including promotional films in your marketing strategy. It is the best method to draw in the broadest audience and potential consumers while making sure they stay engaged with your business.

However, producing high-quality videos is difficult and necessitates more expensive camera equipment, skilled and knowledgeable content producers, and commercially viable studios. Top 5 AI Text-to-Video Websites

But you no longer need all that because of our AI video creators. Without a doubt, it is not free. However, you can be fortunate enough to locate one that is affordable and doesn’t demand a fee to produce films of a high caliber.

But you will undoubtedly need to rely on one of the high-end video creation websites if you want to develop your level of competence, raise your brand, and keep up with the competition.

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