Top 5 Action Games for Android 2023 worth trying

Do you know what is the Top 5 Action Games for Android 2023? We’ll give you a brief tour of the top 10 action games for Android in 2023 in this post, all of which are unquestionably worth your time. But even if you don’t discover a game you enjoy from this list, be assured that we’ll keep adding fantastic new titles to it until you do find something that appeals to you. Let’s move on from the lengthy introduction and begin discussing the top action games on Android in 2023.

1- Call of Duty: Mobile

Call Of Duty Mobile‎
Call Of Duty Mobile‎

We decided to include Call of Duty at the top of our list of the greatest action games since it is one of the finest action and fighting games available on the Google Play Store. If you are a fan of the COD series on the PC, you probably don’t need me to introduce you to it, but the basic premise is that it has been scaled down to fit smartphones and has had its graphical capability decreased so you can play it on your Android phone. Top 5 Action Games

The game’s twelfth season, which just launched, included plenty of fantastic new content, including, of course, a variety of levels, weapons, outfits, and game types.

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So, it’s safe to state that the gameplay has significantly improved since the game’s first release at the end of 2018. Although the game is free, there are many additional free unlockables. Download link

2- Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night

Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night
Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night

If you want my view, I can say that Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is our favorite game overall, not only on Android. You will understand just how amazing and gorgeous this game is if you have played the fantastic PC game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night in the past, because it is nearly identical to that title.

Bloodstained’s more contemporary gameplay, gorgeous visuals, more lifelike graphics, and intriguing survival game are, nonetheless, its strongest features. Top 5 Action Games

At first, you might think the game is a little challenging, but as you play it more, you’ll realize that you can strengthen and armor your character, improve its fighting skills, and locate a wide variety of weapons in the game’s environment. Just keep in mind that while it is not free, you will get the most out of it for a very tiny investment. Download link

3- Dead Cells

Dead Cells download
Dead Cells download

If you enjoy side-scrolling Metroidvania games, you should give several award-winning Dead Cells a shot. You might find the game to be a brutal and challenging challenge, but it will make you addicted because it is a great game. Let me be honest with you from the start: you will die repeatedly, but once you succeed in killing the monsters, you will experience the thrill of victory, which will also help you understand the game and realize all of its positive aspects.

To overcome your foes and discover their flaws so that you may outwit them, you will grow more skilled and experienced the more times you die. Download link

4- Mega Man X Dive

Mega Man X Dive download
Mega Man X Dive download

The most recent Mega Man game, Mega Man X Dive, is a fantastic action and fighting game, but the updated edition has excellent graphics that will increase your enjoyment of it. There is nothing new to discuss because the gameplay follows the same classic formula that we have come to expect from all of the prior Mega Man games.

The game’s Co-Op mode, often known as cooperative mode, lets you play with friends to destroy foes and monsters more effectively and quickly. Top 5 Action Games

This sort of game seldom features responsive touch controls, which the game has. The game is fortunately free, but due to its demanding visuals, only mid-range and flagship smartphones can support it. Download link

5- Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends download
Dragon Ball Legends download

Dragon Ball Legends is unquestionably one of the finest action games on Android, so if you enjoy Dragon Ball games in general, you will fall in love with them. The game’s inclusion of RPG components, which allow for character development, replacement, and role-playing, makes it fascinating. Even if you are not an expert in this kind of game, you will discover that the gameplay is straightforward and does not require expertise.

Additionally, you’ll notice that the visuals are stunning and catch your eye because they are one of the game’s most notable characteristics. You may play as several well-known personalities in the game and have an unparalleled amount of fun thanks to its intriguing and unique narrative and tale. Download link


Additionally, as one of the game’s most noticeable characteristics, the visuals are outstanding and will catch your attention. The game’s premise and story are highly intriguing and unique, and you may play as many well-known personalities as you like and have an unparalleled amount of fun.

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